Fund Raising

The GOBA group raise funds numerous ways, including – corporate donations, funds from the Band and from the Land Corporation, governments.  We also do local fund raising through raffles, bingos, special events like the formal dance near New Year’s.

Hockey Photo Contest
Hockey Photo Contest – close now May 12th @ 5pm mdt!!!

Thank you to all who helped, participated, and supported this event – we raised $610 and so $305 will be used to help our cancer patients. Thank you, too, to the RCMP team that had the hardest job of all – selecting the winner!


1st – for half the cash $305

Entry 21
Cole, Lake, Logan, Joseph, Tailor, Jason, Coda, Clay

2nd – just for fun

Entry 27
Entry 27 – Judy’s boy

3rd prize – a tie – just for bragging rights

Entry 02
Entry 02
Entry 28
Entry 28

Here were the entries: